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About Us

As it is well known from olden times, fire is one of the most dangerous power on the planet. Each year thousands die from it loosing also their homes and property damaged. If we see the statistics data, we realize major part of flame formation appears as the electric current thermal development.

Our company offers you the most advanced fire-suppressing solutions. We release safe and reliable appliances not only for arresting and neutralization of broadening flame, but also for its early detection.

Our products will totally change the philosophy of conventional fire-protective aids and allow you feel safe from any danger.

Even most demanding customers will be pleasantly surprised with our wide range, competitive prices and high quality.

Besides, many solutions from our web-site have already been noticed by the Ministry of Emergency Response and praised for their quality and uniqueness.

Product range

Prospective areas for fire-fighting technology integration

Prospective areas for fire-fighting technology integration. Brand new and unique – the fire-suppressing appliances from our web-site have wide implications. These technologies can be integrated into the following fields:

Large transport objects such as railway objects or underground systems;

Buildings intended for stationary or temporary people stay like hospitals, hostels, schools, hotels, etc.;

Cultural and educational establishments like theaters and clubs;

Warehouses and facilities of different square;

Industrial purpose buildings like laboratories and workshops;

Buildings, which locate the service organizations like malls, railway stations, fitness clubs, libraries, etc.